Testimonials – ApanaMama


Lynn and I met at Nicole’s (Sukhnami) Yoga classes at South Coast Botanic Garden. She was quick to introduce herself and make friends and her passion for yoga and its power to build community is contagious. I call her our Zen Mother which inspired ApanaMama.  

-Keri Roberts, Yoga lover,
Wine lover and Matchmaker

I have known Lynn for many years and she is a beautiful soul.  She has been so great at assisting me with scheduling and promoting successful outdoor yoga classes and has many exciting things on the horizon with her spiritual online hub, ApanaMama!

Lynn is a woman of the heart. She cares deeply about other people She shares her talents and gifts with others. She inspires and uplifts people and gives them new insight into their visions and goals. She has good managerial skills, very resourceful and her determination sees projects unfold and come to new heights. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

-Cindy (Hari Prem Kaur)